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Who moved Carnival to November?

Edit: I could also have said: "Did someone just dump a news-stand wastebasket on my head?" But that would have been obscure.

Edit the Second: I'm trying to be pithy. Humor me.

Edit the Third: It's better than being pissy.

Edit the Fourth: Except when they're the same thing.

Edit the Fifth: Oh, forget I said anything.

I feel achy, oh so achy.

This past weekend, an unfortunately sick mg4h and I schlepped up to New York for Harvest Raid. Collapse )

mg4h didn't feel up to shooting, but she did get to talk to friends, so that was okay. We yet again made the executive decision to drive home after feast rather than cabining another night, which given the weather forecast turned out to be the right choice.

Sunday was spent recuperating, which I did so thoroughly that I forgot to unpack the car. So if my office gets raided by Vikings, I'll be prepared.

In the world today...

You may have heard that Iraq has agreed to allow weapons inspectors back into their country. You may think this is a welcome development, but you may be concerned that the details of the inspection mission may take so long to work out, that Saddam Hussein will have time to rearrange his country yet again to foil the inspectors. Therefore, it's a good thing the Bush administration is working to speed up the process.


Oh, I must have been reading one of those Bizarro-world newspapers again. Silly me.
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I'm going to hell...

...and so is Mel Brooks. As was reported elsewhere, mg4h and I saw The Producers on Tuesday, and, well, wow. I've seen musicals before, but it's been a long time since I've seen an old-fashioned singing and dancing musical, and this is the first time I've ever enjoyed the dancing, rather than just waiting for it to be over so I could get back to the show. The cast was beautiful, the songs were hilarious, the stereotypes fell like rain, and the seats...oh, the seats. For the three of you who hadn't heard, we had two seats, in the dead center of the front row, on opening night, of the first city of the tour. Which mg4h bought the day before. Anatomically impossible though it may be, mg4h is the man.

Oh, and I'm not going to tell you anything specific about the performance. You'll just have to go see it.

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Back from sunny Lancaster, where the sky is blue, the jams run freely, and the quilts are cheap. Also the home of mg4h's parents, who are no doubt wonderful people, but are quite skilled at rasping steel wool across whatever portion of my cerebellum is at hand. Mg4h thinks they show affection for each other by arguing. They must love each other (and mg4h) very much. Of course, they try to treat me politely, so I'm not sure what that says about me. Oddly enough, they've become enamored of Starfarers of Catan since we showed it to them the last time they came to visit us. They're actually pretty good at it, apart from having to be reminded how everything works every other turn. They kicked my ass, at least.

So, yeah, the DragonStar thing.

I intend to begin running a Dragonstar campaign in the near future, and I am looking for players.

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In an attempt to prevent most of my intended pool of players from being able to participate (and because it's the only appropriately sized chunk of time I have reliably free), this game will be run on Sundays, ending at about 11pm, and starting at some point substantially earlier, said time being the one at which the players can reliablly arrive, 5pm at the earliest. Any questions or volunteers can be emailed to me at gootmu@dementia.org, or can be made here, or can be kept secret, so that I'll never ever know and serves me right.

Edit (Stuff I forgot):
I am open to most character concepts, with the exception that I am arbitrarily vetoing those who have had *no* prior experience with technology. Also, I may be attempting to use the Star Wars d20 ship movement and combat system instead of the Dragonstar one, unless a sufficient quantity of pitchforks are raised against the idea.